Write one-page article about a person.

Imagine you are journalist (for online magazine/news). And your mission to wright one-page article about: [See below]

You here’ve been approached by a doctor (J.K) who works at Toledo Famous Hospital.
This doctor approached you about a great idea for your article. It’s about a clinical profession person that so talent, young who works in the hospital with J.K. and he thinks he doesn’t get enough credit from his social life and that because Hassam is inactive in social media. 

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Write one-page article about a person.
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Here is some info given by Dr.J.K. to you about the guy (Hassam)
Person name: Hassam
Medical Profession: Advanced Respiratory Therapy
Nationality: Saudi who came to USA at 2013 and graduated from the university and now work with Doctor J.k.

Hassam started working at 2017 as Advanced Respiratory Therapist. it didn’t take him long to get hired after he passed the national hard board exam. Hassam got his national license within 2 months along with Ohio and Michigan license. Hassam works up to 12-hours 5 days a week. 

At his 3rd month of hire he got the Sliver award of 114 employee of his felid. He got it where he saved a tracheostomy patient. Anyway, lucky us this guy was calm and maintain the case saving the patient from going back to the critical care. And that’s when I met him for the 1st time.

At his 6th month, the department started to train him for Intensive Care units. Where he mainly works now. Not to mention after one year of a service he is also been promoted for a team leadership. and some more.
I’m only approaching to show how this guy need to be appreciated and credited by his people. Hassam is well known and beloved in the work environment but because he is barely socializing in the media. Thus, people don’t know about it his achievements which is sad. People should recognize him, and his country should be proud of him.


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