Write expository essay for Critical Thinking Class (Philosophy 3) based on Hurley textbook

Based on the curriculum for the Critical Thinking (Logic) course, write an expository essay that includes the following things in your own words:

An explanation of freedom of expression (including an explanation of the purpose of freedom of expression) (20% of essay score)
An explanation of the distinction between offensive speech and hate speech (this should include an explanation of both offensive speech and hate speech) (20% of essay score)
Your own original logical argument that defends a definite position on whether hate speech should be legally protected. (For this essay, your argument here does not need to express your own sincere views. You can play the “Devil’s advocate.”) Your argument should be either deductive, valid, and sound, OR inductive, strong, and cogent (see Hurley 1.4). Your argument must include either a premise or a conclusion indicator (see Hurley 1.1), and it must also include a deductive or an inductive indicator (see Hurley 1.3). (15% of essay score)
A post-script with a self-evaluation of your logical argument. Specifically, you should indicate whether you believe your argument to be deductive, valid, and sound, OR inductive, strong and cogent. (20% of essay score)

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Write expository essay for Critical Thinking Class (Philosophy 3) based on Hurley textbook
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No need to use outside sources, just based on Hurley textbook (material attached).


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