Would you expect a stronger anti-union response

Would you expect a stronger anti-union response from an employer in a manufacturing environment or a service environment? Why? By Andres-Su Would you expect a stronger anti-union response from an employer in a manufacturing environment or a service environment? Why? I would expect a heavier anti-union response from the manufacturing industry for a wide variety of reasons. Firstly, because due to the fact there is more market power in manufacturing giving unions more leverage to exact demands from employers.
Secondly, Jobs in service industries are generally of a shorter duration, so workers leave their Jobs frequently so unionization is not a high priority. The cost of labor is also higher in service Jobs, so unions have less power. So simply put, there will be a much more anti-union response in the manufacturing industry simply because manufacturing unions have much more power and leverage compared to workers in service industries. Select an organization with which you are familiar, and discuss the possible argaining units that would be appropriate for collective bargaining in its structure.
Just because it Just literally happened, I chose MLB (Major League Baseball). Baseball players and owners signed an agreement for a new labor contract Tuesday, a deal that makes baseball the first North American professional major league to start blood testing on human growth hormone and expands the playoffs to 10 teams. The five- year deal collective bargaining agreement makes changes owners hope will increase competitive balance by pressuring large-market teams to rein in spending on mateur draft picks and international signings.

Other highlights include: Players will be required to play in the All-Star Game unless injured or excused, Instant replay will be expanded to include decisions on foul lines and traps, subject to an agreement with umpires, Players, managers and coaches may not use smokeless tobacco products during televised interviews and may not carry them in their uniforms, Players arrested for DWI will be required to undergo mandatory evaluation, and Players will start wearing improved batting helmets manufactured by Rawlings by 013.
Review the arguments for and against the Employee Free Choice Act and the Mandatory Secret Ballot Protection Act. How would you vote? Give your reasons. The Employee Free Choice Act is a piece of legislation that would change federal law in order to, according to the bill’s authors; strengthen the rights of workers to unionize. It attempts to do so by changing the procedure by which workers unionize. Currently, union campaigns must secure support from 30% of workers in a company through card-ballots, which subsequently sends the campaign into a secret ballot lection.
If a majority of workers then vote by secret ballot to unionize, a union may be certified by the National Labor Relations Board and established. The Employee Free Choice Act intends to change the law so that a union can be created by a majority vote from the card-ballot process alone, avoiding the second process of a secret ballot election. It also establishes stronger penalties for violation of employee rights when workers seek to form a union and during first-contract negotiations and provides for mediation and arbitration for first-contract disputes.

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Would you expect a stronger anti-union response
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