Should you use more reliable suppliers and how? What re the pros and cons ? Inventory cost higher or material cost will be affected ? Now Blush wants “shrinking service windows “. How can you help In achieving this through a better procurement strategy ? SC Manager (SCM) Draw a complete and detailed supply chain diagram from suppliers of DEEP to delivery of material to AGAR. Try to identify from the diagram the practical way to improve your logistical performance and shorten the delivery time to meet Guard’s requirements. Discuss with other managers if they can support your suggestion.
Manufacturing Manager (MM) As a manufacturing manager, you receive materials from outside suppliers and manufacturing starts under your supervision. You then deliver the finished items to warehouse before sending to AGAR. Can you suggest some process re-engineering or any Improvement that you can suggest to help meet the demand of Finish ? As the main contact with Finish, how can you propose to your CEO that DEEP needs major business operations improvement to meet the request of AGAR otherwise DEEP will lose this major customer that they cannot afford to see this happen.
You need to ether information from your managers and provide several key points and write on a short proposal to present to the class. You need to identify the “quality criteria” and “order winning criteria” of DEEP to convince that AGAR should continue the partnership with DEEP. Time Frame of Workshop Time Activity Remark 6. 00 – 6. 30 Deep reading of the case Group discussion to clear some points described in the case 6. 30 – 7. 00 Each role considers the issues that they need to address and make recommendation SEEM is to collect information and provide advice if needed 7. 00 -7. 30

Thorough discussion of final report SEEM leads the team to finalize the recommendations report for later presentation 7. 30 – 7. 45 Short break 7. 45 – 9. 00 Presentation from the 10 groups Other groups critique the presentation with marks (from 1 to 9 marks) 9. 00 – 9. 15 Score counting The champion group will get 10% more mark in their case report assignment individually 9. 15 – 9. 45 General review of overall performance Grades for Groups Example : Group 1 will grade the other 9 groups to allocate the marks of 1 to 9 as shown below. The group with highest mark will be the champion.

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