Work Audit of green life!

This assignment is designed to help you become familiarized with the environmental practices at your school and/or campus.   For the audit, you will each select ten (10) topics of interest in regards to environmental aspects of campus operations. The topics you may choose from are:

Recycled Office and School Supplies
Report All Leaks
Natural LightSwitch It Off
Closed Doors
Recycled Toner Cartridges
Multipurpose Office Appliances
Buy Used Books
Double Sided Printing
LEED Certified
Use Less A/C
Keep Vents Clear
Student Energy Patrol
Renewable Energy
Paper Decor
LED Lighting
Classroom Energy Audit
Solid Waste Practices

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Work Audit of green life!
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Source: “Efficiency Tips at School, Switch Energy Project“. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (See link for details)

Select ten topics listed above
Write a paragraph (minimum) discussing how your work addresses and/or implements each topic (Ten paragraphs total-minimum).  Does your work have a program implemented for a topic?  A specific department for the issue? Address the issue at all?  These are some of the questions you should research.  
Evaluate your work space.  Do you consider your work a “green” campus?  Why or why not?  
Propose some improvements for your school.  

What to submit – Generate a report with the following sections and submit to the assignment dropbox:

Introduction – Discuss the specifics of your school.  How many students attend?  How large is your campus?  How large are the buildings? This section should familiarize the reader with your school.
Topic Discussions – Include the description of each topic in this section.  
Evaluation – Include your evaluation in this section
References – Include all reference material (MLA style)


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