wk2 a2 db michael smith

This module you are learning about the four required financial  statements and what each tells the user about a company. Locate three  publicly traded companies’ financial statements. Discuss the companies  you located and describe what each of the four required financial  statements tells you about the company. Also, briefly describe at least  two interesting pieces of information located in the notes following the  financial statements.
You are looking for a company’s annual report. There are many reports  filed by companies each year. The annual report is called the 10K.  There are several ways to locate financial statements. You can go to the  company’s website and look for financial or investor information. You  can go directly to the company’s filing section of the SEC website.  You can also use the Argosy University online library resources. The  library subscribes to Hoover’s database, which contains companies’  financial filings. This site is easier to use than the SEC website. You  locate the filings by going to the Argosy University online library  through the Academic Resources page under the top-navigation Help menu. Then follow these steps:
Click on Library -> Launch Library -> Business -> Hoover’s  Academic -> Continue -> All Categories -> type the name of your  chosen company -> Financials -> SEC filings
Note: If there is no link to SEC filings, the company is not a public company and you may not use it for this project.

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wk2 a2 db michael smith
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