Wireless Data Transmission

Answer 2 questions with 250 words each. No plagiarism. Must meet deadline. APA format with at least 2 sources.


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Wireless Data Transmission
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A wireless network functions by the use non-physical media. Wired network use cables (e.g., CAT5 or fiber-optic), while most wireless network communicates using radio waves. Discuss and explain the two types of wireless transmissions
Learning Objectives Covered

List and explain the two types of wireless transmission

You will:

List the two types of wireless transmissions.
Discuss their characteristics of analog and digital signals


Regardless if we are talking about a cell phone, a cordless phone or any one of the thousands of other wireless technologies, they all use radio waves to communicate. Describes the various of components of a radio system, including filters, mixers, amplifiers, and antennas.
Learning Objectives Covered

List the components of a radio system
Describe how different factors affect the design of a radio system

You will:

List and describe the various components of a radio system


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