What Were the Reasons for Appeasement?

The Policy appeasement contributed to the outbreak of war in sept. 1939 because by appeasing Hitler Britain and France gave him the confidence to believe he could ask for anything he wanted. This only reinforced what they’d already shown him, which was they wouldn’t take action if he wanted him broke the treaty, such as when he took over other parts of Europe, such as Sudetenland in 1938 and reoccupying the Rhineland.
This made him stronger and more powerful, which made him more likely to start a war because he thought he was more likely to win or for Britain and France not to react in the first place because even though they said that they’d start war if he attacked Poland, he didn’t believe they would. So he invaded and WW2 broke out as promised. Appeasement couldn’t ever of stopped Hitler; it merely suspended war, which made war more likely in sept. 1939 because it gave Britain and France more time to re-arm which meant they were more likely to declare a war they could actually win.
The treaty of Versailles contributed to the outbreak of war in sept. 1939 because they were overly harsh towards Germany which effected every aspect of life in the country which left the population angry and vengeful. This lead to Hitler’s uprising because he promised to abolish the treaty and get Germany back on its feet, which meant in 1933 he had the power to put in motion his plans for Germany that would lead to War. He Joined with Austria, rearmed and reoccupied the Rhineland, this not only went against the treaty it also made Germany stronger and more ready for War.

The treaty of Versailles also contributed to war in sept. 1939 because it made Britain and France more likely to follow the above appeasement policy. Many people after WW1 was fully over started to believe the treaty was way too harsh on Germany, this meant Britain and France felt Germany deserved the land. Which in turn made Germany stronger because of the mineral resources such as Iron and Coal Hitler could use to fuel his military and country as a hole and also meant more men to fight on Germanys side. Which made war more likely as Germany would be stronger and therefore Hitler would be more likely to start a fight.
Hitler’s actions lead to War in Sept. 1939 because he was an aggressive dictator with clear aims to abolish the treaty, get Germany an empire and unit German speakers. In other words make Germany great again. He also wanted to re-arm which would allow him to both break the treaty and expand because he knew other countries weren’t just going to let him walk in and take over, he expected a fight, and so he needed arms. This would also achieve his other aim to create Lebensraum that was living space for German people.
These aims lead him to invade Czechoslovakia and Poland, which lead to War in sept. 1939 when they’re allies came to help. Without Hitler’s drive to meet his aims the War might not of happened at all. Another way in which Hitler’s actions contributed to war in Sept. 1939 was because his aims appealed to the German public. He promised a new Germany, better, stronger, without the treaty. Germany were in an economic depression they’d do anything to get out of, this meant they were open to Hitler’s aggressive nature, and this helped bring him to power in 1933.
If Hitler wasn’t in power he couldn’t of carried out his actions. In conclusion all three contributed to the war but they all worked together. The treaty of Versailles made Germany want revenge, which lead to Hitler’s popularity because he promised to abolish it, which lead to him gaining power, which meant he could carry out his plans, so Britain and France either had to appease him or start a war. In the end they did both, but by appeasing him first they also made war more likely because it encouraged Hitler’s confidence, so he felt more comfortable taking bigger and bigger risks.

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What Were the Reasons for Appeasement?
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