What should Divan do?

Situation: Prem Nath Divan has decided to retire six years earlier that the company’s retirementage of 65. Divan must decide upon his successor before he leaves. He has a personal discussionwith one of his trusted colleagues called Ramcharan Saxena. Qualifying successors:1) Ranjan Warrior (Suggested by Divan)2) Richard Crasta (Suggested by Saxena)3) An outsider (An option)INPUTS:1) Ranjan Warrior:Divan like him. Ranjan is a Divan’s Protege that means basically Ranjan is a doer. Ranjan is relys on Divan for every thing he does.
That mean Ranjan will also be obidient to Divan. Divan will not be in the company to control RanjanRanjan is not liked by most of the senior executive to the extent that there could be a revolt if hebecomes a successor and Saxena knows about it. Seniors may leave the company if Ranjan becomes a sucessor. Divan will earn a bad reputation if he decides to choose Ranjan as his sucessor. 2) Richard Crasta:Richard is a doer just like Ranjan is(Divan’s Protege). There is no reported hostility between Richard and the senior executive.
Richard should be accepted by the employees as the successor of Divan. Divan does not think Richard is suitable to become his successor Saxena is in favor of Richard becoming Divan’s successor. 3) Outsider:An outsider as Divan’s successor would be risky. An outsider could be good or bad. Divan cant be sure of an outsider Saxena cant be sure of an outsider Outsider will be readily accepted as Divan’s successor by all the employeesAnalysis:Ranjan and Richard, both are doers.

An outsider is not known. An outsider or Richard are more likely to be accepted than Ranjan as Divan’s successor by thecompany’s employees. Saxena is in favor of Richard but can not be sure of an outsider Divan is not in favor of Ranjan after knowing about him and he is also not in favor of an outsider. Conclusion:According to my analysis, Richard Crasta should be the successor of Prem Nath Divan. Solution:Divan should choose to make Richard Crasta as his successor.

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What should Divan do?
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