What If Exams Were Abolished

Exams are tests held for students to show their progress and knowledge in different subjects. These ‘assessments’ are kept at regular periods of time every academic year. But should exams be abolished? What are the advantages and disadvantages of exams? This topic is an argumentative one. Let’s see what would happen if tests and examinations were abolished by looking at the advantages and the disadvantages. Disadvantages of exams: 1 . ) Students are stressed due to the pressure of exams.
They usually get nervous before the exam itself and end up forgetting everything they studied as soon as they look at the paper due to the tension. 2. ) Some students are able to rote-learn the content. This is unfair to other students as this gets the rote-learners good marks but they don’t actually understand the concept and those who can’t rote-learn aren’t able to score satisfactory marks. 3. ) The pressure of exams has the students cramming the notes and staying up all night to study so that they complete the portion on time. ) The students are also pressured with the hope of their parent’s to get nice marks and they may fall into depression and sometimes they might even commit suicide. These are some of the arguments supporting the disadvantages of exams. Advantages of exams.
Students study harder to achieve better marks than their fellow classmates. Exams may pressurize the students but if they do their work properly and on time, they can try harder and work harder to get good marks. 2. If we be honest, the students wouldn’t actually study if exams were abolished. They wouldn’t be worried about the tests, marks or grades and hence, they wouldn’t study. These are some of the arguments supporting the advantages of exams. According to the disadvantages and advantages of examinations mentioned above, respectively, there would be different effects on the students regarding the abolishment of exams. Essay by Florins S. Credit to: Different articles on the internet. What If Exams Were Abolished?

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What If Exams Were Abolished
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