Weekly Routine

I am an engineer. My company is in Longtan Science Park. I live in Nan Kan. It’s a little far from my company and I have to drive a car to company every day. I get up at 7:00 a. m. and next I will try to wake my daughter up after ten minutes’ shower and set the television to cartoons in order to have her attention and it is painful to let her awaken during that time. I send my daughter to her kindergarten before I send my wife to the bus stop to take bus to Taipei. Then I buy breakfast at McDonald’s drive-through and finally get on he highway to company, it’s about 8 o’clock usually.
I arrive at company after 30 minutes’ drive. After a short break to catch my breath, I wipe my desk firstly and turn on my computer to check the emails for a while. Second, I go pantry room to have a cup of coffee before the weekly meeting at 10 o’clock and in general, the meeting will not finish until lunch time and it always depress me on Monday morning. I come back to work at 1:30 after taking a lunch break and my work ends at 5:30 p. m.
Then I go home and spend a good time with my family except for Tuesday and Wednesday due to learning English in Trinity. I will turn on the air condition as soon as I arrive home and then I hasten restroom to wash my daughter’s hands and myself. My daughter starts to watch TV at 8:30 and it’s hard to extract her from it until 9 o’clock. Later I commence to review her lessons and it takes me half hour. Then I wheedle her into sleep and she falls asleep by 10 o’clock. I have my private time after she gets to sleep and ometimes I go internet and kill time and I go to bed at 12 finally.

Daily life is almost the same and unchangeable on weekdays but I live a life of diverseness on weekends. I will not get up until 10 o’clock and after that I go brunch with my wife and daughter. We will tour by car or go for an outing somewhere to enjoy our vacation in the afternoon and then go to a restaurant to taste delicacies with family love and joy. I think I am the happiest father in the world as soon as I see the fulfilled smiles of my daughter at that time.

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Weekly Routine
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