week14 db

Discuss your understanding of Week #14’s online learning material in your initial discussion board post.  You are directed to review the materials found in the Reading, Viewing, Listening folder contained in Week #14’s Course Documents links. 
Answer the following in your initial discussion post:
a.  What are some of the key highlights you noticed in the PATRIOT Act?  What struck you as surprising areas the legislature included in the language?
b.  What did you find most interesting about Week #14`s lecture material/topics of discussion?  The Joint Terrorism Task Force(s)?  The Extradition Process?  Domestic Terrorism versus International Terrorism?
Originality is strongly encouraged; that is, rely less on quoting or paraphrashing textbooks and internet sources; contribute your own thoughts and inferences.  Refer to the assigned chapters in the Fagin text; the contents found in the Reading, Viewing, Listening folder; and the PowerPoint presentations in Week #14’s folders for guidance.

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week14 db
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