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Week 4.3 paper
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Assignment 4.3 Paper 
A concept called a SWOT analysis is often used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats impacting an organization. 

Strengths:  Characteristics of the organization that give it an advantage over others
Weaknesses:  Characteristics of the organization that place it at a disadvantage relative to others
Opportunities:  Elements that the organization could exploit to its advantage.
Threats: Elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the organization

Strengths and Weaknesses are often internal and about the present (or possibly the past), while Opportunities and Threats are often external and about the future.  A SWOT analysis can also be a valuable tool to help organizations determine existing and future funding needs.   Consider your identified organization and list at least 3 examples of each of these four categories.  Include a minimum of three resources, including at least one resource that helped you understand the SWOT analysis.  There is a big difference between a SWOT analysis for a for-profit business and a nonprofit organization, so be sure your resources are relevant.  Submit a 4-6 page paper, APA format. 

(use this organization) http://www.ydiinc.org/

Make sure to address each of the following:
  strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats


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