Week 2 Discussion 3204

Broadening Your Perspective   The Learning Resources for this week describe multiple perspectives on feeding and sleeping practices to exemplify how cultural messages are conveyed to infants and toddlers through everyday interactions, illustrate the many different ways culture can influence a young child’s everyday life, and shed light on the conflicts that may occur as home and caregiving practices differ. Think about the ideas, practices, scenarios, or dilemmas presented. What insights did you gain about your own perspectives and practices? How was your thinking broadened and deepened?   Next, consider the many examples of the ways caregiving practices can be in conflict with the practices of families. Early childhood experts Carol Brunson Phillips and Renatta Cooper state that when dilemmas arise over differing practices, a professional’s approach should be a process rather than a recipe. With this in mind, complete the following:   By Day 3:   Post your responses to the following:    •What does the statement “a professional’s approach should be a process rather than a recipe” mean with regard to feeding and sleeping practices for very young children?    •Explain whether you agree or disagree with this thinking and why.   Note: Use examples and cite sources to substantiate your thinking.

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Week 2 Discussion 3204
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