Week 1 Discussion Entrepreneur

There are so many aspects to being a successful entrepreneur and some excellent examples to emulate in the entertainment world. Several of them are regulars on ABC’s Shark Tank, where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their entrepreneurial concepts to seasoned experts in hopes of getting financial backing.
Initial Post
Share your thoughts on some of the questions below. Research is not required, but if you represent the thoughts, ideas, words, or images of others, be sure to give credit and cite your sources by indicating the author, date, title, and website link where this information was found.
Response Posts

Have fun with this Discussion! Feel free to discuss your ideas with other students and use meaningful observations to corroborate your point of view such as personal or professional experience. This discussion board will remain open through Sunday night for you to interact with classmates.
After watching the video below, share your thoughts about some of the following:

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Week 1 Discussion Entrepreneur
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Have you ever considered a career as a creative entrepreneur?  Explain why, or why not.
If you were to become an entrepreneur, what types of product or service ideas would you like to base your business on? What needs would you like to fulfill for your customers?
What are some traits identified by the Sharks that you think would be most important for entrepreneurial success? 
What are some other traits not identified by the Sharks that you believe would also be important for entrepreneurial success? 
Was there anything in the video that surprised you, or that you disagree with?  Explain your thoughts about this.
If you have ever worked as an entrepreneur, or done business with an entrepreneur, please share some of your experiences.

Shark Tank’s Cast Identify Traits They Look For In Great Entrepreneurs (7:56) (Click the image to watch)


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