Web Store Design Layout Project 6

Week 6-Layout-sv  
After listening to this week’s lecture, produce a graphical layout of  the web pages in your site listing standardize navigation elements and  design style.  Choose an item from your web store and follow it from the  home page through to completion of purchase on the shopping cart.  Show  the layout of each page.  Pages to also include are major category  pages, customer service pages, as well as privacy and security pages.  (slides 2-16) 
Note: For this week’s assignment you will give me a look at your  webpages as you follow a product to purchase.  So, you will need to show  me where the product is posted, everything that the customer will see.   You will need to show the navigational elements, so that I can see the  process.  You will want to add some written text explaining what you are  doing.  I don’t want you to create a complete site and use that.  You  should do a layout before you put a site into action.  I want to see the  layout.  I have a couple of examples for you in the Resources links of  the week 6 lecture link.
http://yahoo.comLinks to an external site.
http://www.apple.comLinks to an external site.
http://www.amazon.comLinks to an external site.
http://www.sony.comLinks to an external site.
http://www.cnn.comLinks to an external site.
http://www.google.comLinks to an external site.
Browser Compatibility Testing Tools https://www.keycdn.com/blog/browser-compatibility-testing-tools/ Links to an external site.
Bank, Larissa, Create Photoshop Layouts http://www.larabank.com/class/Links to an external site.
Example of graphical layouts for this week’s assignment.  These examples are not complete and you aren’t expected to follow these exactly.

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Web Store Design Layout Project 6
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