Ways to Keep Fit and Healthy

HOME EXERCISE You don’t have to join a gym to get exercise. Depending on your interests you can purchase inexpensive equipment for improving muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, aerobic capacity, fat burning, core training and the like. I recommend an exercise ball, and yoga mats for stretching. Pilates equipment for floor work, a small weight set, and abdominal exercisers are also a good investment. EAT YOUR VEGGIES
You are what you eat; therefore you can only create the body you want when you fuel yourself with food that is good for you. Find food grown locally. Daily servings of vegetables, and food grown without pesticides are best. SPEND TIME OUTDOORS Take a daily walk. Walking burns fat, and boosts your mood as well as your metabolism. Walking will also get you outside, where you can enjoy nature and experience your neighborhood. BREATHE Sounds easy, and it is! Conscious breathing centers your mind, develops focus, and calms the nervous system.
HYDRATE Drink plenty of water. Your body is made of over 80% water. Water cleans your blood, floats your brain and burns fat! Drink plenty of fresh water every day. FIND PASSION IN EACH DAY Doing what you love keeps your mind fit and focused. SCHEDULE TIME FOR YOURSELF It is all too easy to let the demands of others interfere with our best of plans. Pencil in your fitness time and keep those appointments as conscientiously as you do all your appointments.

A few minutes of meditation, breathing or walking will restore your energy so you can better address the tasks at hand. INNER FITNESS. MEDITATION Meditation provides calm center to work from. It can reduce health risks, and has been known to lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation inautoimmune disease. Meditation can heal your body, mind and soul. SLEEP Sleep is when your body grows, your body heals, and your mind dreams, relaxes and organizes. To encourage healthy sleep,

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Ways to Keep Fit and Healthy
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