Volcom Swot

Increasing interest for environment and natural values Third party reliance- manufacturing, distribution, retailers retailer consolidation decreasing consumer consumption New aggressive incoming companies on the action sports market Fierce competition Competition Quicksilver, Inc. Has developed from a sass broadsword company into a multinational apparel and accessory company grounded in the philosophy of youth. Their mission is to become the leading global youth apparel company; to maintain their core focus and roots while bringing their lifestyle message of boarding, independence, creativity and innovation to this global community.
Profile Volcano Soot By elementariness 23 Sector: Lifestyle and Retail Tagging/ Slogan: Ride the hazardous wave; When the sun runs our I’ll use the moon USPS: Complete surf-wear and board-sportswear brand. Segment: Sporty Men, Women and kids Target Group: Urban men women and kids from the middle and upper middle class Positioning: Exclusive sportswear brand. Competitors: Nikkei, Aids, Puma, Rebook Quicksilver, Inc. Designs, develops, markets, and distributes branded apparel, outwear, accessories, and related products primarily for men, women, and children.
The company provides its products for various activities, including casual and outdoor lifestyle associated with surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, BMW and motocross, beach and board riding sports, rally car, and other activities. Quicksilver, Inc. Offers its products primarily under the Quicksilver, DC, and Rosy brands through a range of distribution points, including wholesale accounts, such as surf shops, skate shops, snow shops, sporting goods stores, discount centers, specialty stores, and elect department stores; 874 owned or licensed company retail stores; and e- commerce Websites.

It primarily operates in the United States, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, and Mexico. The company’s sales fluctuate from quarter to quarter due to these seasonal consumer demand patterns, as well as the effect that the Christmas and holiday seasons have on consumer spending. Trademarks The company owns the Quicksilver and Rosy trademarks and the related mountain and wave and heart logos in every country in the world.
Other trademarks it owns include and the DC Star logo, among others. Licensing Agreements and Patents The company owns rights throughout the world to use and license the Quicksilver and Rosy trademarks in apparel, footwear and related accessory product classifications. It also owns rights throughout the world to use and license the DC related trademarks for the footwear, apparel and accessory products that it distributes under such brand. The company directly operates all of the global Quicksilver and Rosy businesses with the exception of licensees in certain countries.
The company licenses its Hawk brand in the United States to a department store chain. Under the license agreement, the licensee has the exclusive right to manufacture and sell Hawk branded apparel and some related products in its U. S. Stores and through its Website. The company receives royalties from the licensee based upon sales of Hawk branded products. Under the license agreement, it is responsible for product design, and the licensee manages sourcing, distribution, racketing and all other functions relating to the Hawk brand.
The company retains the right to manufacture and sell Hawk branded products outside of the United States. The company’s patent portfolio contains patents and applications primarily related to wetsuits, skate shoes, watches, broadswords, and snowboard boots. Quicksilver SOOT Analysis largest manufacturer strong presence across the world The financial restructuring has been a success Diverse product lines Good advertising and brand presence Fake imitations and replica products
Low market share in the global market Difficulties to attract new customers Drop of sales for 4 years Loss of core clients (surfers) Online sales The company can further concentrate on brand-building of its new product lines Sponsor emerging competitions Increasing interest for good health Emerging markets, expansion abroad environmental regulations for the sport from across the world counterfeit products which have caused significant losses The fluctuations in the currency rates Streetwise market is dominated by giants such as Aids, Nikkei Economic slowdown

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Volcom Swot
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