Vision 2030

KENYA VISION 2030 The vision 2030 objectives are to transform Kenya into an economic powerhouse with a sustainable growth rate of 10 per cent by 2030 thus becoming a middle-income, prosperous country. The goals are to wipe out: 1. Absolute poverty 2. Famine 3. Mass unemployment and 4. Preventable deaths from malaria and water-borne diseases. The vision also aims to build a democratic political system, rule of law and protect the rights and freedoms of every individual and society. It is an ambitious document. It almost sounds like Utopia. I like that.
A good vision must exercise our imagination and require more than normal effort to attain, otherwise it wouldnt be worth calling it a vision for Kenya. We will not get anywhere doing things as we have always done them. I commend vision 2030 in the realization that inequalities and decentralization should be addressed through the instrument of devolved funds. Much good will follow that, provided the funds are actually accessible (hard lessons need to be learnt of the youth fund). I also like the idea sector to particiapte in them. I am very disturbed that the vision doesnt seem to anticipate the future.
It largely focuses on solving the problems we face now, rather than preparing us for the future. We dont want to climb the ladder only to realize when we have reached the top that we started on the right base but leaning on the wrong wall. What shall be the basis for the stable, prosperous and sustainable nation in 2030? In the end, it depends on how committed everyone is to the vision. The stuff on social pillar, political reforms and the constitution sounds very good. I am optimistic that they shall be implemented to some degree. But I am yet to see zeal in government for this vision outside the ministry incharge of it.

The government should not sell the vision (and buy the commitment) to the citizens and then submit itself to being held accountable by the people for its success. And, yes, it is feasible to attain the noble aims of 2030 vision and beyond. Paradoxically, this will have little to do with the politician yet it significantly should. The speedily achievement will be driven by a strong civil society, independent media, the private sector and the overly optimistic and hardworking peace loving mwananchi; i. e. me and you. Inclusive of this should be a strong appraisal and review framework to hold the government into account.

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Vision 2030
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