Uses of ICT

This section will discuss the background of the study, the statement of the problems, the objectives of the study and the method and limitations of. BACKGROUND. The integration of Information and communication technologies (ICT) into the curriculum is one of the most challenging tasks facing schools. It raises fundamental questions regarding the purposes of schooling and the nature of the curriculum.
Information and communication technologies (ICT)—which include radio and television, as well as newer digital technologies such as computers and the Internet—have been touted as potentially powerful enabling tools for educational change and reform. When used appropriately, different ICTs are said to help expand access to education, strengthen the relevance of education to the increasingly digital workplace, and raise educational quality by, among others, helping make teaching and learning into an engaging, active process connected to real life..
The effective integration of ICT into the educational system is a complex, multifaceted process that involves not just technology—indeed, given enough initial capital, getting the technology is the easiest part! —but also curriculum and pedagogy, institutional readiness, teacher competencies, and long-term financing, among others. The positive influence of ICT in schools continues to rise and can no longer be denied.

Although, as yet, ICT is by no means at the heart of our education system, it is now widely recognised as an essential tool for learning in the twenty-first century. Indeed, it is vital that today’s children are enabled to take advantage of lifelong learning if they are to survive the constant pattern of change that is likely to mark their working lives. This means not only being comfortable with ICT as a medium, but also being able to exploit its potential to the full and understanding the ways in which ICT can make learning more effective.

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Uses of ICT
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