user interface design

Objective: In this assignment, you will perform an expert review of a web application, website, software, or a game using the heuristic evaluation method and integrate your results with your project partner. You will generate one an evaluation report and present your results on April 20 during class. The heuristics that you can use to evaluate the application depends on your choice (Nielsen’s heuristics (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for application/software, Pinelle heuristics (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for a game)

Each person should evaluate the usability of the product based on the heuristics chosen.
For example, for a website inspect the elements on the homepage, test the navigation, also examine the page layout and visual design, and test functionality such as the search function.
List the issues that you found. You should add a comment including the nature of the problem and your suggestion of how to fix the problem.
Prioritize the issues you found using the severity ratings. Use the 0-4 scale presented in lecture for severity.
Integrate the findings of your evaluation in a group report.

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user interface design
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Your report should include:
A short executive summary that outlines the major problems found, and possible solutions for them, prioritizing those with the highest severity.
Present your results in a power point presentation
Report formats

What to include:

How it was found.




Recommendation (if 

Screenshot (if helpful)

A check list may be 
helpful for the 

A system checklist
Edit question’s body
Edit question’s attachments 


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