Upload your Project Closure Report

Your project is now complete! It is now time to close the project. This is a very important step that many organizations don’t take the time to do. Closing a project involves the following 6 steps: 

Get client acceptance of the deliverables (this should be a formal written sign-off) 

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Upload your Project Closure Report
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Ensure that all deliverables are installed 

Ensure that the documentation is in place 

Get client sign-off on the final report 

Conduct the post-implementation audit 

Celebrate the success 

For this assignment, use the Project Closure Report Template (below) to prepare a Project Closure Report for your project.
 In order to prepare a complete Project Closure Report, you will need to assume that you have project stakeholders that have provided you with feedback and you need to include that feedback in your report. You could: 

Conduct a survey of the various stakeholder groups to gather feedback. A link to a Project Closure Survey is provided below.  In some organizations, the survey might be supplemented (or replaced) with a Lessons Learned / Closure meeting
Think through your project and consider your own experience with projects. What is your organization’s process to ensure acceptance?
Use the Evaluation Questions in Chapter 13 of the Dynamic Scheduling textbook (Ambriz). 

The Project Closure Report should focus on those areas of the project that may have gone well and those areas that may need improvement on future projects. All sections of the Project Closure Template may not be relevant to your particular project and, therefore, do not need to be included, however, please make certain that your report is complete. Please note that if you are already involved in project management and have a different template that you use for Project Closure Reports, you are permitted to use that format for this class, otherwise, please use the provided template.
Here are some sample documents to support the closure process

Deliverable Acceptance Documents (Doc1, Doc 2)
Lessons Learned 
Example Closure Reports.
Project Closure Survey

Project Closure Report Template
Assignment Rubric


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