Unnatural Killers Summary

The story is about a young couple that attempts murder twice, committing it once. The story is told by a lawyer that works in a small town in Mississippi. He meets a devout Christian and solid citizen, Mr. Savage. On March 7th, 1995, Sarah and Ben, a young couple on a road trip, entered Mr. Savage’s office and shot and killed Mr. Savage. They took his credit cards and cash. There were no witnesses. The couple made their way down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.
Running low on cash, Sarah entered a convenience store and shot the 35 year old mother that was working that night. She then took the money from the register. The clerk survived but was completely paralyzed. An anonymous informant identified Sarah from the video from the convenience store. Sarah and Ben were sent to trial. Sarah blamed Ben. She said that the movie Natural Born Killers brainwashed them and lead them to work out their “demons”.
She said she didn’t see a 35 year old mother. She said she saw a demon so she shot her. Sarah is likely seeing a life sentence and Ben may see a death sentence. The lawyer from the Mississippi town believes that the maker of the movie is to blame for these crimes. There have been other murders that were linked to people watching the movie. The voice of Grisham is shown towards the end of the story where he calls for the writer of the movie to be tried in court.

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Unnatural Killers Summary
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