United States History Disscustion

1.Should the Star Spangled Banner be the National Anthem for the United States?  If so, why?  If not, why not and what should be the National Anthem instead?

 2.Explain the benefits of a barter economy over a cash economy and why a barter economy cannot exist for the United States today. 

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United States History Disscustion
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3.How did slaves demonstrate resistance? What do you believe would be the most effective form of resistance? Why?

1.Was the Missouri Compromise the best solution? Explain. 

2.The Cherokee are considered part of the Five Civilized Tribes. What did they do that demonstrated that they were “civilized”? 

3.The idea of separate spheres said that men belonged in the world of work and politics. Women belonged in the home, cleaning house and raising the children.  In other words, men were the bread-earners and women were the bread-bakers.  How did women’s actions in the early nineteenth century prove this false?  And true?  Which women, where?

1.Immigration (from another country into the United States) and migration (movement within the North American continent) were both done voluntarily and involuntarily. What were the motivating factors for the movement? 

2.Why type of reform (from Early Republic/Antebellum Era) was the most necessary? Why?

 3.During the War with Mexico, General Winfield Scott’s invasion reached Mexico City. Should the United States have acquired all of Mexico at that time?  Why or why not?


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