Tweet Less, Kiss More

“Techno Tyranny” Bob Herbert explains in his article “Tweet Less, Kiss More” (published July 16th, 2010) how technology has grown so much throughout the years and how we have made more time for our “gadgets” than for people close to us. Instead of being with our families and friends we send them a quick email or text message when we should be cherishing moments together. We are so warped in our own lives and blinded by technology that we are missing out on the real world and wasting precious time we cannot get back.
These days we can’t seem to take ourselves away from a computer for less than a day or drive to and from the grocery store without sending a text or calling a friend while on the road. We’re “tweeting” our private lives on the internet but won’t take time to be with our families. Cell phones have only been introduced to humans recently and we’ve survived without them for decades, so why can’t we manage to walk out the door without them today?
The advances in technology over the past few years are incredible, and all very convenient, but as Herbert described it, “The blessed wonders of technology are overwhelming us. We don’t control them; they control us. ” These different means of communication are beginning to tear relationships and friendships apart. More and more people are revealing their personal feelings behind computer screens and finding themselves unable to do so face-to-face. More and more romances are started and ended through texting. Chat rooms are being created for meeting others and starting long distance relationships.

Children and adults are struggling more with public speaking and are experiencing anxiety due to relying on keyboards instead of verbal communication. With humans relying more and more on technology, we are wasting valuable time communicating through electronics and affecting our relationships with others by trying to sustain them through texting or instant messaging. It’s time for humans to put their cell phones away, close their laptop screens and “Tweet Less, Kiss More”. Submitted by: Olivia Gowan Date: July 28th, 2010

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Tweet Less, Kiss More
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