TV Is a Bad Influence

Do you know how does TV influence people? Well TV should be regulated and the people need to decide how to use it. TV is a bad influence for health, the publicity should be regulated; for example adult content must not be shown at available hours and TV is not the only way for entertainment. Watching TV for many hours brings you problems with your eyes as well as terrible headache. In fact, children that spend many hours watching it are lazier than children that read books; furthermore, children that see sports instead of practicing them tend to be obese. For better or worse, television is an important factor health educator.
In addition, 40% of the people Interviewed reported that they watched at least 2 hours of television per day, while 59% reported that they did less than 30 min of exercise and physical activity each day. The Comparisons between the foods and drinks were as a frequently consumed on television this was compared with the behavior and influenced on actual adolescents. They get influenced by TV on the patterns models of food. Over the 35% of the people admit eating pizza and pasta although 10% of Interviewed thought that television characters ate a lot of muffins and dough- nuts. Publicity should be regulated.
Publicity of adult content must not be on available hours. In fact publicity influences children on their growing up; they reported that what adolescents watch on TV the want to imitate for example the drink that they watch on TV is that one that they drank frequently. The data showed that the television focuses on the sex appeal, health and alcohol and that makes a powerful impact on the growing up of the adolescents for example: body satisfaction and health behaviors. The television actors who are overweight or obese are use with less importance on interactions for romantic scene.

In addition, overweight or obese actresses are more tend to be the joke of the TV shows and also to the violent acts. In contrast in Long et al. (2002) reported that the 11% of the adolescent that drank and have health behaviors are because they are influenced by characters of the television. The us population does not dines the fact that the television reports social norms and model behaviors especially the more affected are the teenagers TV is not the only way for entertainment; there are other things that people have forgotten.
For example: reading, museums, radio, parks, etc. TV doesn’t help to the cultural development. In fact people prefer watching TV instead of listening to the radio or to read. Television influence people in the way they think so as they act. TV is a good mass of media but first of all TV should be regulated and also people needs to decide how to use it because the educational shows are very good. But for example adult content and many other things affected to the Mind of the teenager. So people need to decide how to use it and not to be influenced by TV!

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TV Is a Bad Influence
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