Troubleshoot a Network

The client you have been working with in your Weeks Two, Three, and Four individual assignments has received calls from its multiple locations complaining of networking issues. The site with the Data Center is Location A. The other two locations are B and C. Two of the issues are as follows:

In Location B, the staff cannot connect to the Data Center in Location A.
In Location C, personnel are complaining about slow response in receiving data from the Data Center and in accessing some of their applications.

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Troubleshoot a Network
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You have been assigned to troubleshoot the issues and provide documentation for the client.
Part 1
Define your troubleshooting process in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft® Word job aid that includes the following:

The network troubleshooting steps you will follow to solve the issue(s)
The networking tools you will use to isolate the potential problems and review network traffic, including the following:

A rationale for why you selected these tools
The types of information you are expecting to receive from the selected tools

Part 2
Identify the potential causes of the performance problems and recommended resolutions for Locations B and C. Recommend network monitoring tools to help identify potential issues before they result in actual performance issues.
Write a 2-page summary in Microsoft® Word that includes the following:

The identification and explanation of what you suspect is causing each of the two performance problems
Recommended steps to resolve the causes of the performance problems
Options for two monitoring tools, including the following:

A recommendation for one tool over the other with a supporting rationale


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