Trends in Social Media essay, part 2 (Benchmark-Mental Health &wellness blog post


Plagiarism free, APA is required for this assignment, solid academic writing is expected need back on Tuesday December 19, 2017 by 6pm. Part 1&2 assignment on separate paper.

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Trends in Social Media essay, part 2 (Benchmark-Mental Health &wellness blog post
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Trends in Social Media Essay

The social media phenomenon has brought dying and grieving into the public realm. Because social media makes private expressions about grief public, it is important for mental health workers to understand the impact of this phenomenon on grievers and their helpers. This assignment will help you understand this concept. 
Citing two three scholarly sources. In 650 words, analyze the effects of the media on grievers and their helpers by doing the following:
List each one

1. Describe specific instances of  how death and grieving are currently portrayed in the news and popular entertainment.

2. Describe specific instances of how death and grieving are portrayed or expressed on social media such as Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, GoFundMe, etc.

3. Assess how the portrayals of death and grieving in the media you describe might affect both grievers and their helpers. Describe both positive and negative ways these portrayals might impact them.

See attachment
Follow Rubric guidelines for this assignment 

Assignments- 2 

Plagiarism free, APA style is not required for this assignment, but solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources, need back on Tuesday December 19, 2017 by 6pm. 

Benchmark – Mental Health & Wellness Blog Post 1: Dealing with Loss

For this assignment, imagine you are a mental health worker with a blog that you use to assist those experiencing the grief process. Consider your audience: Those currently dealing with grief or other mental health workers.  Access and explore the HealthyPlace Mental Health website to read through some of the existing mental health blogs.
Citing four scholarly sources, in a blog post, write 700 words provide some ways your readers can successfully deal with the following: 

List each one. 
1. Grief and bereavement – Explain how different the grief process is for those dealing with traumatic loss (murder, suicide, accidental death) and those dealing with chronic illnesses.
2. Major life adjustments after loss for those dealing with trauma and chronic illnesses. 

3. Lastly, in your blog post, provide advice on how readers can safely utilize social media (Facebook, Instagram, blogs, GoFundMe) to help cope with the grieving process.

You may use Microsoft Word templates, creative fonts, and small file images to create your blog post.

This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competency: 6.3: Evaluate how the grief process may differ due to types of losses and individual differences.  

See attachment
Follow Rubric attachment guidelines for this assignment


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