Tok – Art as an Area of Knowledge

TOK Assignment Art can be of speckled forms, ranging from instillations to painting to music to dance. Each of these practices of art have diverse impacts on society. However today irrational exuberance of the contemporary art market is about the breeding of money and have lost the fertility of art. I really believe that art is what humans created as a highest explanation level to fully clarify the perspectives and especially emotions of human beings. Art does not have any specific meaning, there are so many varied elements in an art work that a myriad of viewers can appreciate as well as criticize.
I have always believed that after an artist finishes a painting or a dancer finishes a show, their dedication, commitment and meaning for those forms of art becomes highly negligible. It is how the audience reciprocates to it, and perceives it is what is important. Interpreting art allows us to interpret the psychological complexity within a person, their reactions to forms of art their emotions and perceptions towards it makes it easier to analyze their characters. For instance at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival, this instillation highly struck me.
The color is what created the main impact. Black placed ahead of golden, the first thing than came to my mind was how is today’s world it is always the evil that has taken over the good. Since I’ve always perceived black to be evil, and golden/yellow being the good or the brighter color showing the brighter side of life. It also showed me how the good always follows the bad, and in reality especially in today’s fast growing generation this is how the world has started functioning. This gives a very negative outlook about life, and thus I personally did not like this concept much.

First look, it appears to be neat and nice but gradually upon analyzing it I did not like the concept at all. Art is more than just self-expression and communication. It is a type of language, understanding and emotional outlook of an individual. If we go to see, art is everywhere. The world revolves around the different forms of art, every part of the world has its own unique art forms. This has been passes on from our ancestors, therefore it does shape our society till an extent. There have been instances when society has revolted against certain art forms, leading to a high controversy.
This is highly debatable as every individual has their own rights, however cultural beliefs and society pressures leads to them compromising on those rights. Some countries have always portrayed women in the artworks, showing the gender discrimination. However due to this, the society’s opinion towards women has changed drastically. If they change this, and suddenly only men are seen all over the artworks be in instillations or painting or sketches, it will shape the growing generation’s mindset in a different manner.
Taking art in the form of music or maybe dance, definitely affects and reflects emotion. It is that form of art which can be taken and the musician’s or dancer’s knowledge can be extracted through it. At the Kala Ghoda Festival the live performance was completely breath taking. It appealed to the audience and was able to reach their senses. That also brought out the Indian ethnicity with it. Those beats were brilliant and I personally was very appealed by that performance. Performing arts is another very broad medium of art, allowing varied amounts of portrayals.
It is where language and reasoning can be effectively demonstrated with the help of language certain times. Thus to conclude, art is very broad comprising of different forms which all ass to a different meaning. However, its interpretation can differ from the person’s culture to their mood to their personal values. It acts as an opportunity for the growing kids to find out their strengths and gives them an opportunity to explore various fields. Their skill in different forms of art is also very vital in gaining knowledge about them as a person.

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Tok – Art as an Area of Knowledge
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