To Dr. Clover (Response Needed To Instructor)

Thank you Marsha, the focus here is really on the SWOT not on the tools which may reaffirm its finds such as the balanced score card.
 According to government business training, when you are conducting a SWOT analysis, you should keep in mind that it is only one stage of the business planning process. For complex issues, you will usually need to conduct more in-depth research and analysis to make decisions. Keep in mind that a SWOT analysis only covers issues that can definitely be considered a strength, weakness, opportunity or threat. Because of this, it’s difficult to address uncertain or two-sided factors, such as factors that could either be a strength or a weakness or both, with a SWOT analysis (e.g. you might have a prominent location, but the lease may be expensive).A SWOT analysis may be limited because it
doesn’t prioritise issues
doesn’t provide solutions or offer alternative decisions
can generate too many ideas but not help you choose which one is best
can produce a lot of information, but not all of it is useful

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To Dr. Clover (Response Needed To Instructor)
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