To Dr. Clover (Last Response Needed For Unit 1)

I’m a bit late to the game. I was one of those who had the fun of enjoying Irma so was behind in my last class and now trying to play catch up.
I hope I understood the assignment correctly but here goes. Any effective strategy plan should have “mile-markers” that measure progress or show reason why progress has lagged behind expectations. Any department or section of division of a company can also lay out a strategy and implement a 5-year plan that works with and compliments the facilities goals – actually, they can implement any length plan ——- provided upper management agrees and signs off on it and upper management is happiest when updates are given without being solicited. I think in a 5-year plan, a review of progress should be at least every 6 months, perhaps every 4 months. The concern is the plan being moved to the “back burner” while everyday “fires” are handled and dealt with. The long-term strategy should be evaluated at least annually as new developments happen, new opportunities appear, new threats pop up, new technologies emerge and sometimes, just the absolute, “WOW! We didn’t see that coming!” happens. It just might need to be “tweeked.”
Control and creativity. Control from whom, to whom? Is this management controlling how a group meets their part or assignment for the 5-year plan or is this management controlling themselves to let the groups assigned various tasks figure out ways to meet the goals set and management only guides them as to legal aspects or cost aspects or if the innovative/creative idea is something within the organization’s capability. Groups can display incredible ingenuity and creativity when given the opportunity particularly when they know good ideas will be used and credit awarded to those contributing the idea. It is a poor manager indeed who claims credit for work that is not theirs.
 There are several things that could be viewed as creative for an acute care hospital. Some are already in existence. Pet therapy for patients seems to be one that could be implemented more as most people like animals of some sort. Understandably, a person’s pet pig would probably not be acceptable in the acute care setting. Care needs to be taken with cats as so many people are allergic although there is one breed that is not supposed to trigger allergies. I worked at a children’s facility and a man regularly brought in his golden retriever. The kids loved it and the dog was so good with children. Hospitals could also venture in to non-traditional arenas such as community day care – at reasonable prices, transport services for elderly unable to drive to appointments including door-to-door services. Set up employment for teens and youth after school to help with various hospital duties and evaluate if providing study space is feasible.

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To Dr. Clover (Last Response Needed For Unit 1)
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