TMM Brain Storming

Find out In the beginning of the class If the students had done any prior preparations to learn that lesson and encourage such students. 3. Help the students make a smooth transition from +2 Make the students aware that the study pattern Is entirely to (NSA) 4. Different from what they were following in the last 12 years. They should be mentally prepared to adopt a new teaching style and learning process. 5. When students get good results, they must receive some positive strokes and visible appreciation. Increase the Library hours so that students get more time for REAL research . Tidies. Check if they are using it properly. 7. Allocate specific time in the time table for student- teacher interaction on a one to one basis. 8. Encourage and educate students to respect all faculties whether they teach them or not. 9. Do not criticize students in public unless there is a sufficient reason. 10. Do not do anything which would bring down the self esteem and morale of the students. 11. Best teachers (Communicators) should be allocated for the first years. 12. Teachers need to pay undivided attention Just for academic matters. Unfortunately today they re involved in several extracurricular activities like collection of fees, uniforms, dress, sandals, collection of records from the press, taking quotations etc. 13. Curriculum meeting should be conducted every month on a FIXED date in a PROPER manner so that the coordinators are fully equipped. 14. In the clinical, teachers must be given a control over the students than the staff nurse. In the present scenario, staff nurses enforce their work on our students. 15. Special meeting with the parents of weaker students must be conducted more frequently.
Change the teaching method – student friendly. Make sure they understand the topic properly. 16. Increase interaction with the students- use Sacramental method of using more questions and make them think. Plan Discussion classes Instead of lecturing classes. 17. Prepare power point presentations In a professional manner. 18. Prepare proper lesson plan and get approval from the concerned person. 19. Assign an Internal faculty to assist or follow up the external faculty. 20. All the faculty should be given training In modern techniques of communication. 21. Equip the students to WRITE the exam properly.
Some students write the correct answers, but give wrong embers, and then they wont get marks. They make a lot of such mistakes. They should be given proper orientation before they go for the exams. 22. Class co teach a subject or not. Then they can build up a close knit relationship and maintain it all the time. When the students face with a problem, then it is easy for them to approach that person. This is the time, these students face a lot of psychological, behavioral, hormonal issues and they badly need a mentor and a counselor whom they can trust completely. 23.

Plan the curriculum for each year at least two months n advance so that teachers will know their responsibilities properly. Short notice planning is creating a lot of tensions and problems. Once you plan it, go strict about implementing it. Do not change it as your mood changes. It creates problem for those who are forced to implement it. 24. Faculty should develop a culture of completing their works in the stipulated time. It should not be postponed or kept pending. 25. Find out the weak students in the first quarter itself and plan some special activities for them. Give them more study time if needed, avoiding clinical once in a while. 6. Conduct minimum of three PTA meeting every year. 27. Students who have not cleared I and II year exams should be withheld from Ill year classes and clinical. (Parents to be convinced). 28. There should not be any discrimination between B. Sc and M. Sc faculty. A We Feeling should be created. Conduct all – staff meeting every month. 29. Academic programs should not be interfered by Conferences or Workshops. 30. Disciplinary actions should be made without any delay. 31. Students should not be overburdened with extra money collection in various heads. 32. One staff: 10 students family should be created.
There should be a mix of brighter as well as weaker students in the group. They should help each other in all matters. There can be even a healthy competition between the groups. Brighter students should help weaker ones to go up the ladder. In the hostel, 5 adjacent rooms can be provided for them. 33. Students must be given opportunities to get engaged in non curricular as well as entertainment programs once in a while. They should not feel that TM CON is a prison and the staffs are kill Joys. 34. Non academic activities are the unidentified ‘hole’ in the result bucket. 35.
Conduct weakly revision followed by a one hour test on Monday. 36. As far as possible, do not make any changes in our academic master rotation plan for 52 weeks so that the implementation would be more effective. 37. Make the students clear their doubts in the class itself or immediately after the class. Teachers should be available for that. 38. Help the students to adjust the timings and write the answers according to the marks. 39. Constantly appreciate the students and staff for all the good things comes from them. 40. Students Just mugging up the lecture notes and answer key is not advisable.
Engage them in some small projects and assignments in their subjects. For the concern of the Management 41. Revise the admission criteria. Consider only those who have more than 70% marks in + 2. Those who got less than that are not fit for the present standards of KUAKA. We are trying to help a family by giving admission to this course. But ultimately we are putting that family in more grief and financial crisis. 42. A student who scores high marks in +2 may not be having any interest or caliber to pursue nursing studies. So strict scrutinizing should be done at the time of admission. 3.
The present system of aptitude test is quiet inadequate to evaluate their interest. It is simply a bunch of questions on physics, Chem.. , Bio, English and Bible. Hardly changed. 44. Let the board create an opportunity for the students to express their assessment and evaluation on their studies or any other topics. We realized that the Chairman and others in the board sat with students during a couple of lunch sessions was very encouraging for them. 45. Reduce the workload of students in the hospital. 46. Arrange faculty welfare programmer regularly without affecting academic aerogramme to relieve them from stress and burn out. 7. Minimize the external faculty for the first year. If needed find out those who can properly communicate to the fresher. Avoid Hi if – trainers. Students are new to the system and atmosphere. Several of them are from Malaysia medium. When they do not understand the teachers hi if stuff, they get mentally dejected. They are scare to express it to anybody. And thus their morale and confidence level goes down. Their first impression about the course is that it is a hazardous task. That impression lasts throughout. So we need to create a very good first impression to them. 8.
Arrange personality development classes like: Effective Time management, How to study well, Goal, How to get out of Exam Phobia, How to prepare for and write exams etc… 49. A forum for expression should be given. It is good if it is a confidential. This is for the first time we get an opportunity to express our thoughts in the last 10 years. So keep a locked box in the reception area so that students, their parents and even the faculty in the college can write and put their suggestions. Either President or Secretary of the College Board only should be able to open it. 50.
A big number of he faculty are uncomfortable in the campus due to various reasons. Provide a comfortable and peaceful environment for the faculty to work. Avoid situations which create unwanted stress from superiors in the college. 51. Unnecessary interferences of higher authority (in the campus) even in minute things should be avoided. Faculty should be given certain amount of freedom with an aim of the betterment of the institution in mind. 52. Very often teachers are being called to Principals office during class time. This should be avoided. Otherwise we lose the concentration and the flow.
Sometimes we come back with a different mental set up. So avoid such interferences. 53. Individuality of the teachers should be considered. They have their own status. Do not treat them as mere subordinator. 54. When teaching faculty are in some trouble, help them to solve it instead of making it more complicated. More than the money, the Staff should get a Job satisfaction and mental peace. Create such an atmosphere in the campus. 55. Faculty should not be scolded in front of others (Students, parents and other faculty). If the principal or the board wants to say something to the staff, it should be done personally and privately.
Avoid ego clashes. 56. At times, I had felt that I am still in a Barbarian era, where there is no concern for one another. Treat others with some respect. TM Con had a family atmosphere in the beginning. That feeling should come back. Faculty, right from the principal to the Junior most should sit together and discuss. Authorities should be willing to accept a good suggestion even if it comes from the Junior most. Faculty should get a listening ear. 57. A good working atmosphere would motivate both the students and faculty. A stressful atmosphere will force you to look always for n opportunity to get out.
You feel like working more hard when you own it. A come back to the good old days. 58. More such barnstorming sessions should be arranged with heterogeneous group of people such as two students from each nursing batch, one from M Sc batch, Administrator, Wardens etc and they can be give these points as a background and make them answer to the same old question. 59. We must provide more recreational facilities to the students. 60. Children who come out of their homes need comfort from their parents. So arrange telephones so that they can call their parents and talk to them.

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TMM Brain Storming
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