Thtr 100

1. __________ argued for light as the guiding principle of all design and defined the role of the modern lighting designer. Adolphe Appia
2. A member of the audience may see a play from five different critical and dramaturgical perspectives. What are five perspectives? social, personal, artistic, theatrical, and entertainment value
3. All plays and play productions can be usefully analyzed and evaluated on the way they use the theatrical format to the best advantage and make us rethink the nature of theatrical production. true

4. Avant-garde means, literally, “the major assault” or “shock troops. ” true
5. Dramatic criticism usually appears in all the following forms EXCEPT annotated versions of a playscript used in production.
6. Dramaturgy is essentially a subset of directorial responsibilities false
7. Eschewing realism, romanticism, and rationality to create relentlessly unenlightening plays, which playwright said, “Art has nothing to do with clarity, does not dabble in the clear, and does not make clear? Samuel Beckett
8. Flashbacks that are not clearly framed as such, shuttling instead between time zones without narrative warning, are examples of nonlinear theater
9. Founded by Luis Valdez in 1965, which contemporary Chicano theatre was created to dramatize the farm workers’ situation in California through didactic actos? Teatro Campesino
10. Generally the playwright is more intelligent and better informed than the members of the audience. false
11. How did Stanislavsky contribute to realist theatre? He brought realist acting to realist plots
12. If you were to join a discussion about macaronic drama, you would be chatting about plays that include speeches in different languages.
13. In describing dramatic space as “psycho-plastic,” which “scenographer” (Europe’s most celebrated in the 20thcentury) said “The goal of a designer can no longer be a description of a copy of actuality, but the creation of its multidimensional model? Joseph Svoboda
14. Opera bouffe is a type of lightweight, sentimental musical. false
15. Plays that deal with theatrical matter not simply as a vehicle but as a theme are called metadrama or metatheatre.
16. Postmodern playwrights and directors are mainly concerned with the discontinuity meaning
17. Postmodernism relates to previous artistic movements in all the following ways EXCEPT postmodern theatre attempts to illuminate the received truths of

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