this is due today!Emerging Trends And Technologies

Final Paper: Creating an E-Business System Report
Examining an existing company’s e-business system can often allow you  to learn what to do and not do when designing an e-business system for a  new company. Many components of an e-business system may include  hardware, application software, network infrastructure, and e-commerce  strategies. This Final Paper will require you to analyze the selections  made by a company of your choosing. It will also prepare you for the  process you will encounter in designing and implementing an e-business  system.
By Day 6
Submit your completed Final Paper. Your Final Paper report should be  2,000–2,500 words and follow the Final Paper Template found in this  week’s Learning Resources. The report should include the following  elements:
    Title page
    Page numbers
    Main headings for each section
        Information Resources
        System Specification
        Electronic Commerce
        Emerging Trends and Technologies
    Sub-headings as necessary
    In-text citations (not footnotes)
    Reference list (must use at least four outside references in APA format)

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this is due today!Emerging Trends And Technologies
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