The Preventing Workplace Discrimination

a. People with disabilities or drug abuse problems can be accommodated in several ways. It is especially important to accommodate those with disabilities. The physical workplace setup can for example be arranged in such a way to be more accessible to the blind or wheelchair bound. Those with hearing disabilities can be accommodated by providing interpreters during meetings or interactions with the rest of the workplace staff. In terms of drug abuse, programs and workshops focusing on the problem, its consequences and its management can be offered. If not voluntary, such persons can be forced to attend under threat of losing their jobs.
b. Personality, attitude toward work, and future upward mobility are very important considerations for hiring future employees. In terms of the first, it is important to consider whether the employee will be better suitable for teamwork or individual tasks, for example. The personality in this case will determine which requirements the employee will be best suited for, and must be aligned with the requirements of the job being applied for. Attitude towards work is probably the most important consideration.
An employee with a positive attitude is much more valuable and more likely to succeed in any job situation than one with a negative attitude. Upward mobility is a consideration that will carry particular weight according to the nature of the job being applied for. An employee that is upwardly mobile will probably be more motivated to perform well than one who is not.

c. I believe that Title VII can and will override the employment environment and conditions in a written employment contract. The reason for this is that an employee signing a contract may be unaware of the current legislation regarding such conditions. An employee’s willingness to work under certain conditions does not change the law regarding these conditions. It is the job of the employer to educate him- or herself regarding the newest legislation, and complying with this. Non-compliance can result in legal problems and a negative public image for the company.

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The Preventing Workplace Discrimination
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