The Importance Of Teamwork In Business

?Teamwork is the gear to maintain the huge business machine to work, as it helps to improve business performance by providing benefits. It is said that tasks should be grouped in order to make people working toward a shared goal (Lau, 2013). Basically, putting people working together could allow the team members to put effort into the goal which they have in common; it is also capable to maximize the efficiency. Lau (2013) points out that “A tight feedback cycle is critical to achieve a productive state of flow.”
What Lau (2013) suggests is in such circumstances, people who share work and the same project context are able to provide useful feedback to each other at first hand, and it works effectively to avoid the team going down the wrong path. However, teamwork can do more. Lau (2013) makes a statement that teamwork could bring down the risk when doing business decision, which is, a multi-sided view is available when making decisions.
Lau (2013) argues that teamwork prevents obscure and undocumented shortcuts taken by single individual, forcing team members to spread knowledge to cover as many details as they can. Furthermore, people would be able to sense responsibility when they are assigned as a team. Lau (2013) concludes that the motivation from your peer will boost each individual in the team walking forward, overcoming obstacles and getting in the best shape. In conclusion, teamwork allows people to work efficiently and make the idea of the group comprehensive; therefore it helps with business performance to go up.

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The Importance Of Teamwork In Business
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