The Hunting Ground

Reflect on the film’s provocative title, The Hunting Ground.  Does the title accurately capture the main themes of the film?  Do you agree that the campuses depicted in the film served as hunting grounds for perpetrators and endangered victims?  Can you think of alternative titles?
Many of the sexual assault survivors who tell their stories in the film experienced doubt, disbelief or reprimand from university administrators when they reported their assaults. Were you surprised by the administrators’ responses? How did you expect administrators to react to reports of rape?
One of the experts in the film points out that “universities market the party scene as part of attracting students to a campus.” Did you experience this as a prospective or incoming student?
According to the film, what role does alcohol play in relation to rape and sexual assault? What do you think about the relationship between alcohol and sexual violence?
Caroline Heldman, and Occidental College faculty member interviewed for the film, says that what exacerbates the trauma of survivors is that they are often trapped on campus with the perpetrator. As a result, no place on campus feels safe.  What can be done to address this problem?

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The Hunting Ground
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