Select any 2 of works of art about the Holocaust. You can select from the following list or conduct additional research on Holocaust art. Make sure to get approval from your instructor if you are selecting something not on the list. Click on the link to see the list:Link: List of Artists/ArtworksWrite an analysis of each artwork, including the following information:

Identify the title, artist, date completed, and medium used.
Explain the content of the artwork – what do the images show?
How does the artwork relate to the bigger picture of the Holocaust?
How effective is the artwork in relating the Holocaust to viewers?

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list of artist/artwork 

Morris Kestelman: Lama Sabachthani [Why Have You Forsaken Me?]
George Mayer-Marton: Women with Boudlers
Bill Spira: Prisoners Carrying Cement
Jan Hartman: Death March (Czechowice-Bielsko, January 1945)
Edgar Ainsworth: Belsen
Leslie Cole: One of the Death Pits, Belsen. SS Guards Collecting Bodies
Doris Zinkeisen: Human Laundry, Belsen: April 1945
Eric Taylor: A Young Boy from Belsen Concentration Camp
Mary Kessell: Notes from Belsen Camp
Edith Birkin: The Death Cart – Lodz Ghetto
Shmuel Dresner: Benjamin
Roman Halter: Mother with Babies
Leo Breuer: Path Between the Barracks, Gurs Camp
Leo (Lev) Haas: Transport Arrival, Theresienstadt Ghetto
Jacob Lipschitz: Beaten (My Brother Gedalyahu)
Norbert Troller: Terezin
Anselm Kiefer: Sternenfall

Writing Requirements (APA format)

Length: 2-3 pages (not including title page or references page)
1-inch margins
Double spaced
12-point Times New Roman font
Title page
References page


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