the grade only

Directions: Submit your responses to the following questions and your completed timeline no later than 11:55 pm on December 6, 2019. Submit using the “Assignments” tool in Isidore. All submission should be in Word format. See the attachment for a word document containing the questions and the timeline table. You may embed your responses in that document and upload it.

Identify a career that you might be interested in pursuing. Consider consulting your Focus 2 portfolio for possible ideas. Go to O*Net to find out more about the career possibilities.
What is it about that career that appeals to you? More specifically, how does the career converge with your values, interests, skills (or desired skills), life goals, or practical concerns (e.g., salary, work hours, independence, etc.)?
What skills, abilities, knowledge, and/or experience are required for that career? Does the career require pursuing a graduate degree or professional certification? If so, what degree or professional certification does it require? Use O-Net and/or Focus and other electronic resources (e.g., google) to inform your answers.
What classes within and outside the major could you take to develop the skills or gain the knowledge or experience necessary to begin pursuing that career upon graduation? Does the career or graduate program you would be entering require a particular set of courses? Would it be beneficial to pursue a minor? If so, which one would you pursue?
What experiences could you pursue that would help you develop the skills or gain the knowledge or experience necessary to begin pursuing that career upon graduation? Would it be helpful to gain research experience, pursue an internship, and/or search for a job or volunteer opportunity that would allow you to gain exposure to the field or population of interest? If you are uncertain whether the career you identified is right for you, would it make sense for you to learn more about the daily life of someone in that career through job shadowing?
If you are interested in a career that requires graduate school, will you be required to complete an exam? What exam is required? What are the other requirements for admission, including the deadline for admission? Is there a particular GPA you have to achieve? To answer these questions, it could be helpful to look up a program or a couple programs for more information.
Fill out the timeline in the attachment, entering the classes and experiences you identified in your responses to the previous questions. If you plan on pursuing an internship, getting research experience, looking for a relevant summer job, shadowing someone in that career, taking a graduate entrance exam, submitting applications, taking particular electives or classes for a minor, these should all be included in the timeline.

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