The fires of jubilee by Stephen Oates

This is a book seeks to explain the rebellion of black slaves in the Southampton city in Virginia. Before this rebellion, the slaves had been subjected to poverty and were being treated with a lot of cruelty by their masters. The author brings to light all the sufferings which the blacks were subjected to by their masters and as a result of these sufferings, there rose a feeling of hopelessness among the blacks and this led to the rise of a rebellion .

In fighting for the rights that had been denied, the blacks took the law into their hands and the writer tries to make acceptable the disgust and desperation that led to these rash measures. In all this, the author intends to justify the course of action that was taken by the slaves in fighting for their rights. It brings into light the bloody results of the rebellion and death which came afterwards. From the first paragraph, the historian Stephen B.

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The fires of jubilee by Stephen Oates
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Oates   tries to bring into light the sufferings which the black slaves were subjected to by their white masters in the Southampton county of Virginia. He clearly gives a detailed description of the object poverty experienced by the slaves as well as cruelty of their and also the feelings of hopelessness felt by the slaves. He clearly sets the stage for the introduction of the main character of the book; Nat Turner becomes the root or the leader of the rebellion of the slaves.
He is able to show clearly or demonstrate the level of oppression suffered by the blacks and goes on to show how they develop the feeling that they had no other option left for them other than to take the law into their own hands. All these resulted into the rise of a revolt and its clear that the writer succeeds in laying the foundation as well as making the readers understand the kind of sufferings that the slaves suffered and hence the need for the rash measures taken by the slaves. References 1. William Styron  (1966) , The Confessions of Nat Turner , (New York: Random House)


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