The Argumentative Research Essay

Choose a topic from the New York Times “Room for Debate” pages.    Go to: and view the many topics available. 
For each topic there are multiple viewpoints. These will be a central part of the “conversation” to which you have to respond.  Most topics have multiple viewpoints or arguments about the event or topic.  Read all of them.  Then begin formulating your own argument in response. 
In addition to the articles on the Room for Debate pages, you will be required to conduct additional research to support your argument.  This research can come from any reputable source.
Whichever topic you choose, you will eventually need to develop an argumentative thesis statement that clearly identifies your position on the topic. Remember that a thesis for an argumentative essay should be debatable and should clearly take a stand.
To supplement your argument, you must also include at least one visual element in your essay. The visual element can be a chart, graph, photograph or illustration.  The visual should be used in such a way as to support the ideas and arguments in your essay and it should be embedded within the body of your essay (not added as an attachment or link). Identify the source of your images next to the image in a textbox or within the body of the corresponding paragraph.
Minimum of 5 sources with MLA Citations
Length: 4-5 pages

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The Argumentative Research Essay
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