Teen Driving Project

Teen crashes are a constant problem in our society. Teens are extremely likely to get into a crash within the first 6 months of driving. Teens forget to scan the road for hazards that may harm them, drive to fast for road conditions or being distracted. TeenDiving.com says that distractions, drowsiness, texting, and driving under the influence are the absolute main reasons for teen crashes. Anything from putting you makeup on to drinking alcohol, even to falling asleep, can seriously put your life in danger. An online poll of 16-19 year olds showed that over 50% admitted that they text while driving, this is completely unacceptable. When you know you are doing something that can kill you and you don’t stop. Teens think they are invincible when they truly are not, and that’s what they have to realize to stop they naive behavior.
If they are in a crash they have to know that it is important to call the police if it is serious or if anyone is hurt. Also none of the cars should be moved before pictures have been taken or the police say that I is okay. It’s important that you call the police before anyone else. Even if the other drive doesn’t agree, some states mandate it. Then you can call your insurance agent and make any appropriate claims if needed.
More teens should take a driver’s ed class to learn more about benefitting their safety. Parents and teachers and even their old siblings can have a huge influence on them. Teens just need to be shown that a crash can be seriously bad for everyone in every way. Whether its some hurt or killed or someone’s money going towards some else car. http://teendriving.com/driving-tips/on-the-road/#avoiding-accidents

The problem can be solved by having more teens take drivers ed. I’ve learned so much from this class and it has made me I better driver. I encourage everyone every teenager to take this class. I personally plan to get my friends to sign up so that they can be safe as well. I feel like I can help them be a better driver if they took the class and that they will benefit just as much as I did.

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Teen Driving Project
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