Taking Sides

Tiffany Kwong : Taking Sides, Unit 4 Response I’m answering question number2, as to why government agencies are getting more conservative regarding drinking during pregnancy. I personally believe the government wants to be stricter on the drinking-during-pregnancy matter because of the outcomes and effects towards the community. Pregnant mothers that drink during pregnancy are already at a small percentage of risk for a child with developmental-defects.
The more at-risk children, the more attention these children need in school, in the home environment, and in public. Specifically, the funding of schools is decreasing every year, and the more developmentally-impaired students are enrolled, the greater the need for teachers and supplies to help these children with defects caused by their mothers. If the government agency strengthens the alcohol ban for pregnant women, the lesser the risk for families and the community to fund these problems later on.
Mothers can decide to do whatever they want when they’re pregnant; it’s the matter of whether or not they want their child to be healthy, which I’m sure, every expecting mother wants. But, I believe pregnant women should not have the right to make informed decisions on their own. Doctors have medical degrees; they understand the causes and effects of alcohol, specific foods and certain activities pregnant women should stay away from.

Pregnant mothers should not make informed decisions on their own; rather, they should consult an expert and stay firm to the government and the doctor’s orders & recommendations. Even if “casual drinking” may seem to cause no harm, it’s better to not take the risk. This is an issue with the public, the government, the science, and the medical field. Expected mothers should take the time to consult a doctor, and make the best decisions for the health of their child.

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Taking Sides
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