Support Children Speech, Language and Communication

ASSESSMENT EIGHT The emotional environment that you create for children is as important as the physical environment. It is vital that all children – especially those with speech, language and communication needs – feel Review evidence about in your key factors that provide a comfortable, confident, secure and welcome the setting and that they have a sense of belonging and well-being. They need the support of adults who are sensitive to their needs and understand how supportive speech, language and communication important children’s well-being is to their learning. nvironment It is important to provide an environment that supports the building of relationships. Children spending time in small groups, with one key person, or in pairs, can gain from support to build their confidence. include: activities that involve a small group of children will provide opportunities to key factors Planning develop environment: Physical speech, language and communication skills through repetition and good modelling of words and classroom you work in should have language displays e. g. connectives and how to use them.
The sentences by the adult. Children who have difficulty in making themselves understood may regularly snatch toys from other children orand responsibilities: Staff roles disrupt activities because they are frustrated and cannot communicate their needs in any other way. Their emotional development specific rolessupported, and practitioners need example It is the responsibility of staff to carry out needs to be to encourage speech support, for to help them to develop more appropriate turn to for help when a child needs one. nowing when and where to communication methods. Labelling resources and quiet areas (as suggested above) also helps to improve the emotional environment. Children will be confident about where things are, and feel more secure. They will have Training needs and opportunities: somewhere to sit quietly if the hustleand language should be carried outtoo much at times. In the Trainings on how to support speech and bustle of the setting becomes from time to time.
This may ‘Positive Relationships’ section, the importance of listening and responding to children with sensitivity be in form of a staff meeting. was discussed. Such a positive approach to children’s needs contributes to a supportive and effective emotionally balanced environment. Views of the child: Children views should be considered in handling matters pertaining their communicative well being as their views will go a long way in positively supporting their speech, language and communicative environment.

Appropriate involvement of carers/parents. Meetings(which maybe official or unofficial) with carers/parents should be held from time to time as no other one knows the child better (apart from the teachers) than their carers and parents. -Other factors are:(A)Play and exploration: Children’s play reflects their wide ranging and varied interests and preoccupations. In their play children learn at their highest level. Play with peers is important for children’s development.

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Support Children Speech, Language and Communication
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