Suenos de Una Tarde Dominical En La Alameda Central

The author of this mural is Diego Rivera. He is one of the most important artists in Mexico. Also, he had the capacity to involve the people in his work. Diego Rivera always focused his work on politics and history of Mexico. We have the clear example in Suenos de una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda Central. It was painted for Diego Rivera in 1947. The original mural was established in one of the principal walls in the Prado Hotel, but after the earthquake in 1985 it was removed to Palacio Nacional in Mexico City. As had been noted, Diego Rivera a long of 74m2 painted the most important events from Mexican history, dedicated for all the people.
For this reason, I chose to analyze this source, because I like the Mexican history and I am fan of Diego Rivera. Suenos de una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda Central focused on the claim of Indigenas (native groups), that was a fundamental topic by Diego Rivera. Another important topic that is represented in the mural is the fight of the social classes. Besides this, the mural was designed in chronological order; it begins on the left side with the Conquest of Mexico. Diego Rivera in so many cases represented the figure of Hernan Cortez with a grotesque image but in this case, he represented Cortez with his hands bleeding.
Also in the mural he painted the first New Spain Archbishop, Fray Juan de Saronga who in 1539 was ordered to burn alive one son of Nezahualcoyolt. This person was the first victim of the Holy Inquisition in New Spain. This terrifying institution was brought from Spain and burned alive all the people that were accused for heresy. In the mural this ritual is personified for Dona Mariana de Carbajal, who mounted on a donkey is driven to fire; she is followed by San Benito Verde, a symbol of the executioner. Likewise appearing in this section is Luis de Velasco who was the eighth viceroy in the New Spain, he opened the Alameda in 1592.

In addition, an important figure in this mural is Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, she was the most important poet in the seventeen century and a Woman’s Rights defender. On the other hand, the painter Diego Rivera devoted half of his life to painting murals. In some cases his work was misunderstood and destroyed. For example this mural, when it was opened one archbishop denied to bless the Prado Hotel because the mural has the phrase “God does not exist”. This phrase was written on a paper that was held for Ignacio Ramirez, who was a free thinker.
A consequence of this was diverse Catholic’s groups attacking the mural. To avoid the damage it was covered for eight years until 1956, when it was showed again after the painter had already changed the phrase to “Conferencia de Arteletra de ano 1836”. In the second stage of the mural Diego Rivera painted Mexico as an Independent country. He also painted the figure of Antonio Lopez de Santana, who was general and political figure; he was president of Mexico for eleven years between 1833 and 1855. Next to Santana appears the Gral. Winfield Scott invaded Mexico in 1846, comanded his troops to occupy the Alameda during the invasion.
Nonetheless, in the same section we have a mystery, some people question why Diego Rivera did not paint the principal figures of Mexico’s Independence. For example, Miguel Hidalgo and Morelos he did not consider them important figures, instead he chose the face of Iturbide who was in the Spanish military. Iturbide helped and supported the Independence of Mexico and was emperor of Mexico for ten months. In addition is important to mention that Diego Rivera in his mural mixed characters from history and folk. For example, the old man who was sleeping. In any event, Diego Rivera liked to present the history of Mexico in his murals.
Other stages he represented were the reform and imperialism, Diego Rivera painted the character of Benito Juarez holding a role, in it is a phrase about respect. Among other people in the mural that is presented are Maximiliano and his wife Carlota. He was emperor of Mexico, during his period Carlota remodeled the Alameda because it was in bad condition. The reform was related with Benito Juarez and Imperialism was releated with Maximiliano de Hasburgo. Finally, the artist expressed the Porfiriato. It was denoted by the newspaper “EL IMPARCIAL” one of the most important newspapers in those years.
Therefore, the mural has a lot of details and symbolism that focuses on the claim of Indigenas and on the social classes. For this reason, is important know that the mural was painted during the presidency of Miguel Aleman in Mexico. This period was relevant because he fought against the social classes such as Diego Rivera. He was also interested in the equality between the workers and entrepreneurs. Another important event was the reform of the third article in the constitution. In consequence, a lot of places like Bellas Artes and other important culture centers was remodeled and opened for all the people.
Also, this reform prevented and combated the illiteracy in Mexico. The liberty of expression by the artist given more respect and artists like Diego Rivera could paint murals about the government and the injustice he experience from the government without a problem, except for some religious groups. In fact, this mural is an inspiration for all the Mexicans because it represented the most important events in the Mexican history. Also, this mural symbolizes all the people that fought for a better country in the different stages of the Mexican history.
For example Benito Juarez, who was president of Mexico and established the Reform Laws. In the same way, Diego Rivera expressed his opinion about the injustice that some groups were subject to. Also the artist illustrated a day in la Alameda Central, one of the most important places in Mexico City. The placement of his mural was seen as an advantage, because it is in Palacio National the home of experts and critics in history, politic and art. For this reason Diego Rivera and his mural are an important piece for represent the pace and justice in Mexico.

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Suenos de Una Tarde Dominical En La Alameda Central
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