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Midterm Review – MGT 3301 Summer 2017
Below is a list of topics that will give you a general idea of what will be tested on the midterm. The material covered in the Chapter reading 1-7, and 9, end of chapter questions, slide deck, and videos. The exam will consist of 50 multiple choice questions.
Chapter #1

The Function of Management
Efficiency and Effectiveness
Classical vs. Humanistic Perspective
What Managers Do
Making the Leap to Manager
Relationship of Technical, Human and Conceptual skills to management
Chapter #2

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study guide
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External Environment and its Types
Internal Environment
Management perspectives over time
Recent Historical Trends
Corporate Culture and Types
Chapter #3
• Globalization

Changing International Environment
Corporate Social responsibilityChapter #4

Shareholder vs. Stakeholder model
How to make ethical decisions
Strategies to Build an Ethical Organization
Triple Bottom Line

Chapter #5

Setting Goals
Advantages and Pitfalls of Planning
Crises Planning
Cost Leadership vs. Differentiation
SWOT AnalysisChapter #6
Decision-making Model
Advantages and Challenges of Group decision-making
• GroupthinkChapter #7

Designing Organization Structure
Structural Approaches – Advantages and Disadvantages
Chapter #9

Strategic Human Resource Management
Major Federal Laws Related to Human Resource
HR Planning
Developing Talent
Maintaining an Effective Workplace
Workplace Prejudice Discrimination and Stereotypes


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