Strategic human resource research paper

The assignment will be 3000 words exclude bibliography, Harvard referencing style. The assignment should include at least 20 academic references. Research is about critically analysis on business strategy and HR strategy of Ryanair.  Please use theories and models from attached PPT.  I will post 2 example assignments that you can refer to.
             You must first assess the available secondary data on your chosen company (e.g. financial reports, annual reports to shareholders, business press, specialist trade journals, published academic papers, etc.) to determine the company’s business strategy.( using porter’s five forces and SWOT analysis for Ryanair.) Secondly, you should  analysis Ryanair’s HR strategy and  focus on why particular HR policies and practices are ‘most likely’ to support/drive the organisation’s business strategy, drawing on empirical evidence from the literature (e.g. similar firms in the same/similar industry) and relevant theory. Where data is available on the organisation’s HR strategy/policies/practices, students should undertake an assessment of any ‘gaps’ between best practices/best fit and actual HR policies/practices, and then critically evaluate why such differences exist and to what effect. 

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Strategic human resource research paper
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