*****In the 2 questions below suggest what they could have done better. ******
**due 9am 1/1/18**
****150 word count min for each question****

Interesting story for my post this week: I work full-time as a bartender at a craft beer bar in Adams Morgan and we carry a variety of uniquely brewed beers. We also happen to be home to vegan BBQ options such as soy and seitan wings and vegan spare ribs! Our customer base is largely comprised of individuals who are vegans. So I need to be mindful to make sure to make the customer aware that some of the beers we carry are brewed with lactose. For instance, RAR brewing (based in Cambridge, Maryland) has a beer named That One Kid’s Mom and it is an American Imperial IPA and its description reads, “Brewed with oats, lactose, vanilla bean, and Ella, Cascade, and Citra hops” 
There are two ways that beer can be non-vegan: the fining agents used to process it, and additives (i.e. lactose). For those who aren’t beer savants, finings help settle the suspended matter in the beer (clarifying it of yeast). Not all finings come from animals; plant-based finings like Irish moss and bentonite are sometimes used. Some non-vegan fining agents used in beer are the following: (this is not an exhaustive list) gelatin (derived from by-products of slaughterhouse), isinglass (gelatin derived from fish), casein (protein derived from milk), and albumen (derived from egg whites). Non-vegan additives used in beer include glycerin, glycerol, and glycerides lactose, and honey. 

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2) My mom has recently been diagnosed with type two diabetes and the whole process of watching what she eats, counting how much sugar, carbohydrates etc she is intaking is new to her and the whole family. One of the things she loves to eat is carbs. She loves sandwiches, toast, preztles, cereal. She began noticing that she would feel really dizzy and nauseous when she ate white bread of wheat bread that had more than 15g of Carbs. So she put me on a mission to find her bread with a serving size portion of less than 15g of carbs. I learned that the breads with the more nuts/grains contained less carbs (and unfortunately were more expensive). Learning this allowed us so begin looking at what is in other foods and thus had her change her habits form eating cereals to nuts and fruits. It wasn’t that she was worried about her weight, but the negative effects from the diabetes were making her feel so ill that she made the decision to make the change. It is still a process we are working on together, as I am the one who grocery shops for her and this class has actually helped alot with deciding what foods would work best for her. I believe that if she had changed her eating habits earlier, she may never have developed diabetes in the first place. But we work with what the current situation is and learn everyday!  


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