Spatial Information and Occupational Roles

Drafting It Is the representation or a draft of an object or an area with specific measures. It Is armorial done with the lad of rulers, scales, compasses, etc, 7. Geographical information systems (GIS) geographical information, especially maps. Part C Use the internet and/or local newspapers to find and list five Jobs that require people with one or more of the abovementioned skills. List the complete Jobs (I. E. Where it is located, who it is for and what skill is required).
Job number 1: Researcher in Forest Remote Sensing; Location: Vienna, Austria; Company: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOOKIE, Vienna); Skills: You possess a Master degree in Conscience, Geography, Natural Resource Management, Forestry, Agronomy or related field. You have significant practical experience in the use of optical remote sensing data. You are highly interested in scientific research questions and you are creative. You possess experience in digital image processing and have a good knowledge in ERDA Imagine or similar software for digital image processing (e. . IDLE-Nevi). Job Number 2: GIS Officer; Location: Western Australia; Company: Dumpier Port Authority; Skills: tertiary or post graduate qualification in GIS or related field alongside a minimum of here years’ experience with GIS applications and SERIES suite extensions, relational databases and various other data formatting applications. You will also have a sound knowledge of geodetic concepts and cartographic standards. Your demonstrated ability to problem solve and communicate with various stake holders and work autonomously with strict deadlines will be the key to success in this role.
Job Number 3: Spatial Consultant; Location: Company: Western Australia; Spatial Solutions Pity Ltd; Skills: A high level of attention to detail, Team spirit – with a desire to contribute and elaborate, an ability to think laterally, excellent communication skills, a dedication to innovation, a GIS related qualification, an ability to manage expectations with a strong service orientation, excellent organizational and time management skills, the ability to work under pressure and coordinate workflow to meet deadlines.

Job Number 4: Coastal Resource Management Officer (Philippines); Location: Philippines; Company: Australian Red Cross; The volunteer will need significant diving experience in order to view and map underwater systems. Through GIS they will collect crucial data about henchmen, potential impacts, existing stress and the area’s physical geography which will identify vulnerable areas and support provincial decision making.
The successful candidate will demonstrate: Experience in GIS and data management analysis certified and experience diver, tertiary, professional or technical qualifications in GIS or equivalent work experience, self-awareness, cultural sensitivity, flexibility and adaptability, resilience.
Job Number 5: Land Surveyor; Location: Darwin; Company: Swift Worldwide Resources; Skills: looking for someone tit the following: Certificate, Associate or Bachelor degree qualification in Spatial Sciences, current manual drivers’ license, able to work away from home for extended periods, motivated and able to work autonomously, fit, healthy and able to cope with challenging work and environmental conditions.

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Spatial Information and Occupational Roles
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