Some People Think Parents Should Read or Tell Stories to Children

Some people think parents should read or tell stories to children, while others think parents need not do that, as children can read books, watch TVs or movies by themselves.
Discuss both views and give your opinion. Parenting is always a heated topic in our society. What is the best way for children to read and learn? Some people insist on the more traditional method by reading or telling stories to children rather than letting children learn by themselves through books, TV and internet . As far as I am concerned, two complementary methods are necessary to be applied to motivate children to read and learn.It is evident that reading or telling stories to their children is not only a way of learning but also a good approach to strenghten the tie between parents and children. It brings much more happiness to families and make family bond closer. Furthermore reading or telling stories to children is a a more entertaining method thought which children get more enjoyment and a metheod children perhaps prefer.
Consequently children`s interest in reading and learning would easily be motivated. Many of us could remember the lovely moment when we were looking forward to listening for stories before we went to bed.However, independent learning is a vital capacity for “old” children and young adults. Therefore parents should encourage their children to read and learn by themselves, searching information through various sources such as books, internet as well as TV. For children would be growing up and be independent to face the complicated society one day. This ability would help them much no matter what they do in the future. To sum up, each method discussed above has its merit to be considered as a proper way which parents employ to foster their children a good reading and learning habit and ability.

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Some People Think Parents Should Read or Tell Stories to Children
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